Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: I see something I love but it's showing out of stock. Can an item be made for me?
    • The short answer is yes! However, inventory in gemstone beads often fluctuates. So while I can absolutely create something for you, please keep in mind that the exact stones may not be available.
    • Q: Do you only offer your products in gold?
      • Not at all. Most items can be made in silver or rose gold. However, most initial creations are created with gold plated materials, as they are the most popular.
    • Q: I'm looking for something specific, but I don't see availability on the site. Do you create custom orders?
      • Absolutely! Creating custom items for someone is something I love to do. Use the contact form to send me a note, or email me at and we can get started.
      • Please note: Custom items must be purchased in advance of creation and are not refundable.
    • Q: My item broke! Do you offer replacements?
      • Accidents happen. We know that! If it's within 30 days of purchase, please contact me and I'm happy to work something out with you. No one wants broken gems! However, I do not replace items for normal wear and tear.
      • Q: Most items are gold or silver plated or filled and tarnish resistant. Does this mean they will never turn colors? 
        • Unfortunately, unless something is solid gold or silver, materials are subject to tarnish and/or lose the gold/silver plating.  While metals are tarnish-resistant, they will tarnish over time depending on the frequency of use and care taken when using items. To preserve pieces for longer we strongly encourage you to keep them free of oils, lotions and water. I also suggest removing them while sleeping, exercising, and in water.
      • Q: I prefer gold filled materials. Do you offer those?
        • I do have some gold filled items. However, gold filled materials are higher in price. I choose gold plated because it keeps your cost down. And if you treat your jewelry with care - it will last a long time! However, if you prefer something more sustainable like gold filled or solid gold, please let me know and I’m happy to provide a price for you!
      • Q: Will I get the exact item in the listing if there are multiple available?
        • Gemstones are nature made, therefore there may be slight variants in color or size than the image on the listing. However, I hand choose placements of every bead, so you can guarantee that what you receive will be extremely similar to the one posted - which makes every piece unique! 
        • Q: I don't see my size available in many of the stacks. Will you create something smaller or larger as a custom order? 
          • Absolutely! Please send an email to with what you're looking for.
        • Q: Do you adjust items that are currently available to smaller or larger sizes? 
          • It depends! If you see a bracelet or stack you like, please reach out to me first. I can usually make most items smaller, but I may not have enough materials to make something larger.
          • Please note: Resizing is subject to a fee of $5 per item.
        • Q: I don’t have pierced ears, but love your earrings. Can you make clip-on earrings! 
          • Absolutely! Please send an email to with what you're looking for.
        • Q: Do you sell wholesale?
          • Yes! Please contact me at and we can chat. I would love to have my items in your retail space!
        • Q: Do you currently sell your products in retail? 
          • I do! You can find a small selection of Lucy + Lola products in the following locations:
            • The Beauty Lounge Salon & Boutique: 720 W. Irving Park Road, Itasca, IL 60143
            • Ivery Aesthetics: 718 S Main St, Lombard, IL 60148
            • Olive & Opal Clothing Boutique: 5025 Wolff Rd Suite 106, Dubuque, IA 52002

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